Snoring: Driving Your Partner Or Family Crazy

Snoring is a common complaint. Often the sleeper is not aware of his or her snoring, and it is more bothersome to friends and family. Snoring can disrupt a good night's sleep for you and your partner. It may be so loud that loved ones are forced to sleep in a different room. Traveling can be difficult if patients need to share rooms with others. While snoring can create relationship difficulties, it is not a medical problem by itself; however, it could be a symptom of something more serious.

If you snore, you may be a candidate for palatoplasty. Snoring is often associated with nasal congestion. If you snore and also have problems breathing through your nose, snoring may resolve with treatment of nasal obstruction. When snoring is accompanied by choking, gasping for air, frequent night awakenings and/or daytime sleepiness, these symptoms may indicate a health problem called obstructive sleep apnea.

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