Complete Ear & Hearing Care

Dr. Lessow has helped thousands of patients with hearing and ear problems such as ear infections, hearing loss and all kinds of general ear disorders, including:

  • Ear pain
  • Dizziness, vertigo
  • Ringing or buzzing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Earwax buildup 

Dizziness may be caused by an inner ear problem. The symptoms can often be treated with specific exercises or physical therapy. Sometimes dizziness is caused by an inner ear infection. Associated symptoms, such as hearing loss or ringing in the ears, may suggest other medical problems that require further evaluation and treatment.

Hearing Loss Is Common & Treatable

There are many kinds of hearing loss, some sudden and some gradual. If you have a sudden hearing loss in one ear, which can be associated with ringing, this should be evaluated urgently. If your hearing loss is gradual in both ears and causing difficulty in day-to-day interactions, you may be a candidate for a hearing aid. There are many types of aids for different problems, including aids that go deep inside the ear canal and are unnoticeable by others. If your hearing loss is worse on one side, you may need an MRI to evaluate the hearing nerve on that side.

Other ear symptoms Dr. Lessow will evaluate include ear clogging, ringing, buzzing, popping sensations or ear pain. Some of these symptoms may be caused by earwax, with other causes including outer or inner ear infections, allergies, Eustachian tube problems, nasal congestion or allergies. Some kinds of dizziness can be associated with an inner ear problem – most commonly symptoms of spinning vertigo or dysequilibrium. Dr. Lessow may order certain tests to evaluate the problem further include a hearing test, a VNG (videonystagmography), a test of the inner ear vestibular system, or an MRI of the brain.

Otolaryngologist Dr. Lessow treats patients of all ages from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Harlem and East Harlem, New York. She can help you, too.

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Patient Reviews

  • To echo the other 5-star reviews, Dr. Lessow and her staff are simply the best! Dr. Lessow is very professional and kind. You need look no further for a great ENT!

  • Dr. Lessow is very pleasant as well as the staff. She has great bedside manner. She answered all my questions very well and she gives information that a patient should know.


  • Great office, great staff; and Dr Lessow is professional and extremely attentive

  • Dr. Lessow is amazing - friendly, warm and meticulous. I had my surgery over a month ago and getting great results.

  • Great and warm experience.

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